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We perform:

Initial examination

  • investigate dental hard tissue and suspension system of the tooth
  • produce X-ray images for a more detailed inspection of the teeth
  • suggest treatment options and create a treatment plan and various options with price calculation


  • Surface anesthesia - use of gel prior to the injection of local anesthetic decreasing discomfort
  • Local anesthesia - a common anesthetic, which leads to desensitization of impacted locaction, also removes pain and increase patient comfort during treatment

Restorative Dentistry

  • Treatment of carious defects by latest high quality filling materials
  • Root canal treatment using the latest equipment for perfectly executed performance - very important for the functioning of the tooth
  • Filling of root canals performed according to the latest knowledge in dentistry
  • Fiberpost - fiberglass pins that are used to complete the construction and reinforcement of the tooth. Replacing aged and dysfunctional metal pins. They serve excellent aesthetics


  • Fixed compensation - firmly anchored
  • Crowns - highly aesthetic restorations, firmly attached to the tooth. Serve different aesthetic and functional correction.
  • Bridges - highly aesthetic restorations, designed to bridge the missing tooth
  • Sensing compensation - acrylic restorations, which are used in different variants, but mainly for large defects of the teeth as a total.


  • surgical extraction of impacted or semi-retained teeth and other complicated procedures
  • resection roots
  • frenulum adjustment
  • implantology.


Dental implants are titanium screws to replace the roots of teeth that are made prosthetics (crowns, bridges, or hybrid dentures) In our dental center, we use only quality Straumann implants. They are used there where a tooth is missing, or several teeth, or total reconstruction of the jaw is needed.

The criterion for the introduction of dental implants is good quality bone to which the implant is implanted. Oftentimes we must deliver the artificial bone implant for improved stability.


Healthy gums and hanging apparatus ???? of the tooth are a very important driving force for the teeth. Poor hygiene or incomplete treatment by a doctor this can cause damage to the apparatus and may even lose your teeth. Our goal in this area is well-informed patient or to help with the problem.

Dental hygiene

An integral part of modern dentistry. Hygienist will provide a very important and valuable information on how to properly care for your teeth. With the patient prevents recurrence of gingivitis and tooth decay.


  • removal of tartar
  • removal of moles with Airflow - current of deburring fine sand
  • briefing of teeth cleaning and selection of appropriate brushes
  • teeth Whitening
  • dental hygiene should be performed every 3-6 months




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